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About Philomathes

Philomathes is a Greek word which means ‘love of learning’. We at Philomathes, appreciate the fact that the Child is already learning at birth, and they develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years. This provides a critical foundation for lifelong progress, and the adults who provide for the care and education of children from birth through age 12 bear a great responsibility for their health, development and learning. Advanced assistance helps them with developmental changes that can have profound and lasting consequences for a child’s future, making them better equipped to deal with real life than other children of the same age. Read More

Our Emphasis


Personal attention to the children and adult children with focus on in-depth explanation. We are here to make education fun and learning an wonderful journey for them.


We at Philomathes conduct periodic health check-up for every students. Eyes, teeth, physical and mental health is the major areas of observation.


We serve in-house snacks to the students every day along with some healthy drinks to take care of their appetite as we at Philomathes understand that concentration level is at its optimum with the aroma of food around.

An Insight in to Philomathes

As parents we want the best for our child and generally worry whether our child is growing and developing the way they should be. Yes, these are overwhelming worries indeed. Apart from classroom studies on subjects like Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, English as per approved course material by boards (CBSE / ICSE), the following activities have been added for the overall development of your child.
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Our Mission

Our Learning Philosophy

Academic progress of a pupil is mostly measured in grades that cannot be ignored. Also, what cannot be ignored is the fact that the foundation must be rock solid. The concentration level of children cannot be questioned, and a child's mind fluctuates and distracts with the smallest of disturbance. The budding aspirant as a result is not able to understand the facts in totality and the learning gets affected. To add to this, the home activities require a lot of time.

We as an organisation understand the need of the hour and know that only scholastics is not a solution to develop the genius side of the brain of the modern children and require more than one area of understanding. Today, the demography is not restricted to a district, city, state or country. Today’s era is in fact witnessing a Global Opportunity.

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