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Philomathes is a Greek word which means ‘love of learning’. At Philomathes, we are committed to developing analytical skills, challenge tackling, engaged learning, communication, critical thinking and other related developmental skills amongst the kid.

Today’s era is witnessing a deluge of Global Opportunities that prompts a child to seek knowledge beyond the text book curriculum. We understand the need of these times and know that only academics cannot bring out the genius in the modern child who requires multiple areas to excel in. So we at Philomathes, feel that training children in certain skills to make them self-dependent and analytical at an age when the tender mind is at its most receptive, is the need of the hour as this is the age when a child picks up and absorbs from all that surrounds them in their immediate environment and the visual inputs through the digital media.

We also appreciate the fact that the child is already learning since birth, and they develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years. This provides a critical foundation for lifelong progress, and the adults who provide for the care and education of children from birth through age 12 bear a great responsibility for their health, development and learning. Advanced assistance helps them with developmental changes that can have profound and lasting consequences for a child’s future, making them better equipped to deal with real life than other children of the same age.


Our Goals

  • Holistic development of children
  • Develop problem solving and analytical faculties of child
  • Activate strategy development capabilities in a child
  • Help the child to be alert and identify opportunities for progress
  • Develop social skills in a child
  • Develop empathy towards the weaker section of the society
  • Develop memory and engaged learning