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Welcome to VEDUC – The Fine Arts School

“The main aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but also their inward significance.” – Aristotle

If you are interested in sketching, dancing, music or any form of creativity, then, the study of Fine Arts is the perfect avenue. Now comes the second question, what is Fine Arts and what it includes? Fine Arts is the study & making of visual works of art. It teaches and prepares students to become artists and to follow practices that are associated with the making of art. It can be in the form of music, dancing, paintings, sculpture, photography, film, architecture, etc.

Here at VEDUC, we teach:

☑ Drawing & Painting: Oil Pastel, Soft Pencil, Pencil Shading, Pen & Ink, Water Colour (Indian Technique), Water Wash Painting (Western Technique), Oil Painting on Canvas, Acrylic Painting on Canvas
☑ Glass Painting
☑ Clay Modelingin association with Anuchitram
☑ Dance
☑ Costume Jewellery
☑ Tray Making (for wedding purpose)
☑ Make-up & Beautician
☑ Mehendi Designing
☑ Cooking Classes


Now the question comes, what's the future in Fine Arts? Gone are the days when creative people suffer financially and socially. Today the opportunities have increased manifold in various sectors with excellent salary, popularity and prestige. The first thing that comes in mind is self-independence. After completing the course, students have a choice to work as a fine art teacher or artist in government offices or studio. You can also start your career as a freelance worker & go for direction, clothing, photography, television, beauty and fashion. You can also pursue careers in academia, architecture and the film industry. You can join creative departments of magazines, advertising agencies and newspapers in the publishing or the textile industry.

Our courses include
☑ Basic: Classes I – V
☑ Advance: Classes VI – XII
☑ Professional: Classes XI - Graduates

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